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    Asian European Psychology Center

    Get the help you need to reach the goals you want

    LifeFlow offers various psychological services – online, face-to-face or in-person to whoever feels stuck in a current situation and needs support and help to redirect, refocus and move forwards.

    If you are an individual, struggling with mental health problems or addiction; a couple fighting for their relationship; a worried parent; a company that needs HR advice or a Clinician or Mental Health Specialist in demand of inter-collegial advice.

    We are here to help you. Online or in-person in several countries all over Asia, Europe and Oceania (AUS and NZ). We are a team of highly professional, experienced and licensed Clinical Psychologists and Counselors that share a common view.

    We know that change is possible: change in individuals, relationships, families, work environments and institutional systems and dynamics. We know that because we witnessed it, experienced it and lived it throughout our professional and personal life.

    Get the help you need to reach the goals you want.

    Our Philosophy & Process

    A holistic approach of Professional Clinical Guidelines that are up to current standards in combination with honesty, integrity, authenticity and determination.

    We work client-centred, solution-focused and empowering to help each individual client to find a personalized life strategy in order to gain goals and to re-establish harmony and balance within themselves and their surroundings.

    Every individual, group or system is unique. And we believe that everyone has his/her own nature and temperament but also skills, talents and assets. What might look like a weakness at one time can turn into one’s greatest strength. What might look like a problem, can offer its own solutions and what feels like a crisis, can be your biggest chance?

    Challenges offer opportunities, but sometimes it all feels overwhelming and you might feel lost and helpless.

    This is where a counsellor, therapist or consultant can offer help, guidance and sometimes even life-changing support. A  professional counsellor or therapist can offer you that support in an empathic, non-judgmental and respectful way.

    Sometimes it needs an objective person to help you to get a clear look on what is going on, what lead to this situation, help you to decide on new goals and directions and who offers you tools and knowledge to give you the strength to get there.

    Besides working according to the up- to- date Clinical standards and Scientific  Psychological guidelines, we believe that a good match between counsellor and client is important to reach the best results.

    That is why the admission manager targets the best match between the focus of clients problems and goals and the background and experience of the chosen counsellor. The counsellor respects the client’s values, situation and personality and uses the best-proven methods in order to achieve results.

    The treatment needs to be effective and as short as possible and as long as needed to make sure that the client reaches the outlined goals.

    The form in which the sessions take place will depend on the client’s preference: online, face-to-face, individual or in a group – all is possible. The frequency can be weekly or more often depending on availability and preference of the client. Once the main goals are accomplished, the counsellor offers low-frequency follow-up sessions to make sure that success is sustainable.

    Our goal is to help you reach your goals – in everyday life, work, relationships, mental health or business management. We work with SMART goals: at the start of the process, we are setting a goal together with the client.

    Goals are part of every aspect of business/life and provide a sense of direction, motivation, a clear focus, and clarify importance. By setting goals for yourself, you are providing yourself with a target to aim for. A SMART goal is used to help guide goal setting. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Therefore, a SMART goal incorporates all of these criteria to help focus your efforts and increase the chances of achieving that goal.

    The goal needs to fit the person and the circumstances.
    Maybe you want to learn to deal with work stress in a better way. Or you want to get a grip on depression, anxiety or addiction. A couple wants to learn to communicate better with each other or parents want to be able to guide their kid better.

    A company wants to train the team to cooperate more effectively or a clinic wants to optimize their processes. We offer the counsellor, therapist or consultant to help you reach those goals.

    1. Once you have filled in the pre-assessment form, our admission manager will contact you.
    2. Internally we will discuss your specific needs and wishes and come back to you with an offer that meets your preferences and needs.
    3. We will match the counsellor to you who can provide you with the best help.
    4. You will have an intake session (online) with the counsellor and then you can decide if you want to pursue. Up to the first intake session, all our provided services are free of charge so we can make sure that you feel confident in what you choose.
    5. Once you start your treatment or consultancy process you can choose if you want to pay for each session individually or if it is more convenient for you to pay for a pakkage-deal with a discounted rate.
    6. If you choose to follow a long process, there will be in-between evaluations to make sure that you are still satisfied with the outcome and the process is still focusing on the main goals or if re-direction is needed.
    7. The process is finished once you feel strong enough to go on by yourself, but the counsellor or consultant will provide two follow-up sessions that are free of charge to make sure that after a couple of months you are still on the right track and moving on towards your personal goals in life.

    Who can we help?

    At LifeFlow we focus on three important areas which are highlighted below

    Private Clients

    • Individuals

    • Couples

    • Parents

    • Children

    • Adolescents

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    Mental Health Industry

    • Coaching & Supervision

    • Consultancy & Case Management

    • Clinical Advice

    • Project Management

    • Workshops, Lectures & Training

    • Mediation (health professional & patient)

    • Referral Services

    • Temporary & Long-term Staff Solutions

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    Corporate Consultancy

    • HR Strategies

    • Burn-out Prevention

    • Stress-management & Coping

    • Mediation

    • Re-integration

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    How it works

    Our approach to mental & physical wellbeing

    1. You fill in the contact form, and one of our team members will contact you to do a free assessment.
    2. The admission manager will contact you as soon as possible; they might transfer you to another mental health provider in our network, so you get the help you need.
    3. If you want to proceed with us, the admission manager will get you in contact with one of our team members who we think is the best fit for your situation.
    4. Your counsellor will contact you, and you will have an intake. The first intake is free of charge so you can decide if you feel comfortable working together.
    5. If you choose to follow up the process with us, you can pay in advance of every session. There are special discounts for students, medical and mental health workers during the COVID crisis and we keep our general prices low because we believe that mental health support needs to be affordable for everyone.

    Special Offers (limited time)

    6 Sessions for the price of 5 or 10 Sessions for the price of 8

    Fees per session (45 minutes)

    2000 Thai Baht (Base Rate) | 52 Euros | 57 US Dollars

    2800 Thai Baht (Base Rate) | 73 Euros | 80 US Dollars

    Psychotherapy & Clinical Psychology:
    3500 Thai Baht (Base Rate) | 91 Euros | 100 US Dollars

    Please check the Latest Currency Rates against our Base Rate, the Thai Baht.

    Payments Details

    We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers. We will send an invoice requesting payment, our full payment details will be attached.

    Meet the team

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