Meet the Team

The specialists from LifeFlow that can help make your life flow

We are a team of highly professional, experienced and licensed Clinical Psychologists and Counselors that share a standard view: We know that change is possible: change in individuals, relationships, families, work environments and institutional systems and various other dynamic systems. We know that because we witnessed it, experienced it and lived it throughout our professional and personal life.

Our Background

We all worked in Mental Health and Addiction Clinics and Outpatient facilities for many years and are passionate about helping others to regain their mental health or gain their lifegoals. Quality of life is essential, and Mental Health is a vital aspect of living your best life.

We belief in Professional Guidelines and always work according to our Ethics Code. Besides that, we believe in authenticity, equality and the inner strength of each Individual, that often needs to be rediscovered or rebuilt. Also, we are sensitive to cultural and social differences since we all worked or are still working as ex-pats in different cultures and societies.

Our team can provide a wide range of services, from coaching to counselling and management consultancy. Our team consists of Clinical Psychologists, Mental Health and Addiction Counselors, a Mental Health Nurse and Clinical Managers with experience in all kind of settings, working with a different type of age groups, problems and symptoms.

LifeFlow offers various psychological services – online and face-to-face (in person) to whoever feels stuck in a current situation and needs support and help to redirect, refocus and move forwards.

If you are an individual, struggling with mental health problems or addiction; a couple fighting for their relationship; a worried parent; a company that needs HR advice or a Clinician/ Mental Health Specialist in demand of inter-collegial help. We are here to help you: Online or in-person in several countries all over Asia, Europe and Oceania (AUS and NZ)

Lea Reimers
Lea ReimersSenior Clinical Psychologist
Lea Reimers is the founder and director of

Originally from Germany, Lea Reimers studied Psychology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
After finishing her Masters, she proceeded to do an additional degree in GZ-psychology (Comprehensive Mental Health Skills for sophisticated diagnostics, therapy and coordinative and legal responsibilities) at the RINO South in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
She worked in different Psychiatric Hospitals and Therapy Centers in The Netherlands, China and Thailand. This extensive work experience provides her with a broad range of knowledge in regards to diagnostics and treatment methods concerning various fields of psychology (Depression/ anxiety, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, Addiction, Neurocognitive Developmental Disorders like Autism and ADHD, Forensics and a broad range of psychiatric disorders like Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders, Dementia and Cognitive Developmental Disorders).
Lea works with children, adults and elderly people.
She is trained in EMDR, CBT, Schema Focus Therapy, DBT and Mindfulness.
Besides her in-depth knowledge in regards to diagnostics and therapy, she is also trained and experienced in management. Lea was a Clinical/ Program Manager at different institutions and was in charge of the quality of the program, the processes and the teams.
Lea is registered at the NIP, the BIG, and is a member of the Henan Association of Psychologists in China. She is also a member of the Thai Psychological Association.
Lea’s base values in life and her professional work are integrity, authenticity, equality, honesty and respect.
LANGUAGES: English, German & Dutch

Craig MacDonald
Craig MacDonaldBehavioral Psychologist & Addiction Counselor
Craig is an Addiction Counselor from NewZealand.
Craig has come from a recovery background and experienced firsthand rehabilitation, counselling and therapy from the inside. His weaknesses have now become his strengths.
Craig completed a degree in ‘Applied Addiction Counseling’ through Otago University in 2014 and has a diploma in Addiction Counseling with Maori, Polynesian and Asian people called Te Taketake in 2015. He is skilled in Motivational Interviewing, Act therapy, CBT, mindfulness, Clinical case management, 12 step and smart recovery programs.
He is registered with “Drug and Alcohol practitioners New Zealand” (Dapaanz) and “Counseling New Zealand”. He is also a registered Gambling Therapist.
Craig worked in New Zealand with outpatient and in Thailand in an Addiction and Mental Health Clinic.
Craig works with Individuals and Families.
David Montgomery
David MontgomeryClinical Mental Health Nurse & Focal Therapist
Originally from Australia, David is an Australian Registered Mental Health Specialist.
David has completed a Bachelor of Nursing and numerous specialist training postgraduate courses in Addictions, Mental Health Counselling and Pharmacology.
David has worked in specialised psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, the hospital in the home services and intricate community-based casework in Australia. From this, David has extensive knowledge of safely managing, improving the life experience and supporting clients and their families. This knowledge is built on significant experience in both the acute and chronic phase of health concerns.
As a registered medical nurse, David has a wealth of physical health experience and thus provides additional support for clients in need. David can understand underlying health issues associated with some mental health and addictive conditions.
David understands the comorbidity of mental health and addictions, and that is why he has chosen addiction counselling as his focus to reduce the challenges to clients and families managing negative behaviour patterns.
David is trained in Positive Psychology, CBT, Schema Focus Therapy and Mindfulness. David works with families, adults and the elderly.
David Farr
David FarrCounsellor & Psychotherapist
David Farr is a fully qualified psychotherapist that has spent many years specialising within the field of addictive behaviours. He studied at Nottingham University, England. David proceeded to further his knowledge and training for Eating Disorders, working in one of the leading rehabs in the UK for addiction as an Eating Disorder specialist.
David, Lea and Craig worked together as a team in Thailand and created the idea of offering affordable online consultancy.
He specialises in anxiety, depression, as well as self-medication whether this is through prescription drugs, illicit drugs, alcohol, food, sex or gambling. He has worked in the field of substance misuse for several years which has given him an excellent understanding of the problems that go hand in hand with the illness and the difficulties that family friends and colleagues face when they interact with somebody who is addicted to a substance or behaviour.
David is a straight-forward guy, honest, direct and empathic who is passionate about helping people who struggle with Mental health problems and addiction issues.
He offers individual and family therapy.
Dr Zhang Ruixing
Dr Zhang RuixingClinical Psychologist and University Professor (PhD)
Zhang Ruixing finished her studies at the Medical College of Zhengzhou University and attained a Doctor’s degree in the field of Psychology (Mental Hygiene) and Education.
She followed different additional training in Australia, Singapore, Belgium and China and works as a Professor (Lecturer and Research) and Clinical Psychologist of the Mental Health Center at Zhengzhou University, Henan, China.
She (co-) published different articles and books regarding Psychology and Psychiatry.
Also, she is an active member of several Charity Organisations.
As a Clinical Psychologist/ Therapist she works with children, adults and elderly people and her approach is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
LANGUAGES: Chinese (Mandarin) & English
Su Lianxuan
Su LianxuanClinical Psychologist
Su is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked for many years in The Mental Health Department of a Hospital in Zhengzhou, where he worked with patients of all ages and various Mental Health problems.
For the past two years, he specialised in the treatment of children with Autism.
Su is a very easy-going person, trustworthy, and he is outstanding in levelling with his clients. He respects everyone the way he or she is, and he is always trying his best to help his clients.

LANGUAGE: Chinese (Mandarine), English


Robert Worton
Robert WortonSenior Generalist Psychologist
Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Robert has travelled (Europe, North Africa, USA, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific) and worked abroad (UK and Thailand) working in substance misuse, mental health, forensic and neurological assessments, and private practice in various countries. Robert studied Psychology at Griffith University, on Australia’s Gold Coast before continuing with his Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology, at Canberra University in the Australian Capital Territory. He has completed studies in ‘addiction medicine’ and ‘sexual health’ post his psychology endorsement.
Robert has worked in various settings honing his skillset from mental health, substance misuse, sexual assault, homelessness, and military veterans and first responder assistance. He has worked in psychiatric hospitals, both public and private, for non-government organisations and charities, and federal organisations developing his skill set. His employment direction has been developing various skillsets with which he now utilises with clients for different situational crisis’. Subsequently, he is trained eclectically with multiple modalities and uses those features to assist individuals in their particular situation, basically tailoring his intervention/treatment to fit with the individual.
Robert works with adults and couples.
Trained in EMDR, CBT, Schema Focus Therapy, ACT, Interpersonal, MI, DBT and Mindfulness.
Robert is registered in Australia with the national body AHPRA, in the UK with their national body HCPC, and he is a member of the FDAP and the BABCP.
Robert endeavours to empower individuals to be the master of their human condition; subsequently, he assists individuals who then utilise the mechanisms and coping strategies that he teaches and directs.

Associations & Accreditations

LifeFlow has the following internationally recognised associations & accreditations

NIP Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen ; The Dutch Association of Psychologists

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BIG Dutch Health Ministry registration for Health Care Professionals

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The Thai Clinical Psychologist Association

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Henan Association of Clinical and Counseling Psychologist

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